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Traffic Management Design

Vocon created a dedicated design department with a core aim to provide a comprehensive solution to your traffic management logistical needs in a prompt manner. We provide traffic management designs to suit any traffic management requirement from a simple lane closure, a two-way traffic layout to a fully comprehensive traffic diversion operation. All our drawings meet the standards required by Chapter 8.

Our aim is to provide a solution that minimizes disruption as far as possible for road users whilst considering the safety of pedestrians and the workforce. Vocon can liaise with the relevant authorities, contractors or subcontractors to provide traffic management drawings well in advance of any proposed works that could negate the need for lengthy site meetings.

3D Traffic Management Design

For large scale city centre schemes; individual traffic management drawings could be difficult to follow and therefore organising multi-utilities can become a nightmare.

We have the answer; out with the old drawing and in with the 3D video – a bird’s eye view of what your works will look like, before a spade hits the ground. Imagine viewing the potential works from above, seeing it all from different angles weaving in and around the buildings and skyscrapers – all in 3D.

Our 3D imaging is a great tool which will show you exactly what we have planned. It removes any doubt from a client or councils mind and provides a realistic view of what your works will bring to the city.

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