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Event Management

We provide complete temporary traffic management solutions for a wide range of events, including concerts, festival, sporting occasions and public events. Our responsive team can provide a comprehensive pedestrian and traffic management solution for any sized event, regardless of scale.

Our team understand the complexities required to ensure the safety of both pedestrians and road users and can remove the pressure on your team to ensure that all events run smoothly. From creating bespoke event signs to ensuring council approval on road closures an alternative route provisions, Vocon can take care of every step of the process.


Our event management services can include:

  • Temporary Traffic Lights
  • Road closures and diversion routes
  • Lane Closures
  • Pedestrian Management
  • Traffic Management System planning and implementation


We have the capability to service your needs and provide you with a temporary traffic management system that is well planned and has minimal impact on the surrounding local roads. From initial design to on-the-day implementation our staff will work very closely with all parties involved to ensure all traffic and pedestrian aspects of the event are catered for to the highest possible standard.


Fleet & Equipment

Vocon have an extensive fleet of vehicles to help ensure that your traffic management solution is delivered on time and managed correctly. We have a wide selection of vehicles suited for various operations including an IPV (Impact Protect Vehicle) as well as a selection of drop sides and 4×4’s.

All our vehicles come complete with high visibility livery throughout the vehicles and additional safety equipment. Our drop-side vehicles have lightweight ramps, safety protection bars, safety harnesses and extended cab for operative comfort and all-round vision. All vehicles are regularly maintained and serviced to ensure safety and vehicle efficiency.

Swept Path Analysis

Planning Applications for temporary road works / new road layouts sometimes need to demonstrate that the plan layout can accommodate the movement of vehicles. Designs are being challenged more and more by the planning authority who need to be confident that the proposed layout is fit for purpose, particularly for sites where room for vehicle manoeuvres is limited.

For the Local Authority to be confident that the design proposals can accommodate vehicle movements they can request a drawing showing the Swept Path Analysis of vehicles overlaid on the proposed site layout to demonstrate that the vehicles can manoeuvre safely and efficiently within the site layout. We use the latest Vehicle Tracking software to show vehicle swept path analysis using large vehicles including 16.5m (length) HGV.

Innovative traffic management solutions

Utilising the latest equipment for all traffic management and continued re-investment in the latest innovative traffic lights and signage. We recognise that downtime is frustrating for our clients therefore we have fitted longer life batteries to our traffic lights as well as anti-theft devices. Wherever we use innovative equipment to reduce our carbon footprint and this is possible by our solar power variable message signs (VMS).

We continually seek to identify, design, trail and implement innovative new equipment that enhances our capability regarding the services we provide. This innovation extends further than our services, we also regularly seek to reduce our impact on the surrounding environment with the recent deployment of our solar power variable message signs, or VMS.

Traffic Management Design

Vocon created a dedicated design department with a core aim to provide a comprehensive solution to your traffic management logistical needs in a prompt manner. We provide traffic management designs to suit any traffic management requirement from a simple lane closure, a two-way traffic layout to a fully comprehensive traffic diversion operation. All our drawings meet the standards required by Chapter 8.

Our aim is to provide a solution that minimises disruption as far as possible for road users whilst considering the safety of pedestrians and the workforce. Vocon can liaise with the relevant authorities, contractors or subcontractors to provide traffic management drawings well in advance of any proposed works that could negate the need for lengthy site meetings.

Sign making facilities

We can produce and size bespoke temporary traffic management signs in house which are compliant with Chapter 8 requirements. This allows us to provide signage as and when it is needed.

The equipment we use is of a high standard; the Jaguar (Vinyl Printer/Cutter). The vinyl we use can last between 3 – 5 years outdoors so although we use it for temporary purposes; it can also be used permanently if needed. Vocon have an array of materials and colours available which makes any job possible.

3D Traffic Management Design

For large scale city centre schemes; individual traffic management drawings could be difficult to follow and therefore organising multi-utilities can become a nightmare.

We have the answer; out with the old drawing and in with the 3D video – a bird’s eye view of what your works will look like, before a spade hits the ground. Imagine viewing the potential works from above, seeing it all from different angles weaving in and around the buildings and skyscrapers – all in 3D.

Our 3D imaging is a great tool which will show you exactly what we have planned. It removes any doubt from a client or councils mind and provides a realistic view of what your works will bring to the city.


Site Survey to Design

We have in place a site survey to design process which enables us to deliver full traffic management drawings to our clients within a 4 hour or next day window. During a site survey of your proposed site, we will collect all the information required including a sketch of the site and photographs via our unique app. This information gets emailed to our dedicated design team who can start drawing up your traffic management needs straight away and deliver a swift turnaround of your drawing. Vocon are committed to providing a first-class service and this design facility helps us do just that.

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