Innovative traffic management solutions

Utilising the latest equipment for all traffic management and continued re-investment in the latest innovative traffic lights and signage. We recognise that downtime is frustrating for our clients therefore we have fitted longer life batteries to our traffic lights as well as anti-theft devices. Wherever we use innovative equipment to reduce our carbon footprint and this is possible by our solar power variable message signs (VMS).

We continually seek to identify, design, trail and implement innovative new equipment that enhances our capability regarding the services we provide. This innovation extends further than our services, we also regularly seek to reduce our impact on the surrounding environment with the recent deployment of our solar power variable message signs, or VMS.

  • AutoGreen® removes the need for manual intervention to maximise traffic flow.
  • AutoGreen® Technology comprises a number of technical adaptations that come together to boost the system performance.
  • Continually monitors and adapts signal operation to suit conditions.
  • Combines Hollco, Pike and AGD Systems expertise.
  • Employs a brand new FMCW radar, the AGD 302.
  • Available for 2-way operation.


What are the key advantages for the various stakeholders?

  • Road User – The new lights can auto adjust the green time in both directions and reads the traffic flow
  • Current technology does not allow this and hence the reason you have to manual control the green times to ensure traffic flow
  • Major cost saving for the Customer / contractor, not paying for the manual control of traffic lights for 12 hours
  • Highways – Can easily identify when we are deploying the new generation AutoGreen®  lights  – new look new design
  • Health & Safety – The ability to remove the TM operative away from the light head and the crush zone is now achievable with AutoGreen®
  • Adoption will improve traffic flows whilst reducing exposure to pollution and reducing costs.


How Does It Work

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